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art on prescription

I'm illustrating the new Personal Life BODY column in Causette magazine.
Causette magazine
about Vaginal dryness
Causette magazine
Women’s Burnout
Causette magazine "Yoga and feminism, why does it work?"

The French magazine Télérama asked me to create their promotional visual. In order to make discover Télérama to the greatest number of people, the media opens its website to all users for one day. 
24 hours during which the readers will be able to discover the reviews (films, music,
podcasts, exhibitions, theater), editorial recommendations but also cultural surveys.
Opening Télérama means opening the first French cultural media.

illustration for the promotion of the first French cultural media Telerama - The culture you need!
campaign February 2023

September 2022 literary season

First novels

Zizi Cabane, Bérengère Cornut

Revue XXI

Les Echos

Do you know what Nudge is?

Journal du Village Saint-Martin

La croix
Campagne d’abonnement